We've developed the Deskbar application to help you ease your access to the most popular websites and internet activities on the web.
We did that by placing them right at the top of your desktop, so that you'll have them all the time at the tips of your fingers.

Deskbar is a small applications that allows you to access and search the web right from the top of your desktop. You do not have to open a browser and surf to a search site. Simply enter your search query in the search field on your desktop and Deskbar will open your default browser with your search results.

Social media websites are also there for your convenince. Social networking is the most time-consuming onlie activity on the web. So we gathered the most popular social media networks and placed them on the deskbar so that they will be 1-click away.

With Deskbar your don't need to waste your time looking for radio stations or your favorite music on the net. Simply click the 'Radio' button on the Deskbar and listen to your favorite radio station, access various music genres and podcasts streaming, all straight from your desktop.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.